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Invest in a child is a development program primarily focused on the development, vision bearing and mentorship of the youth and young people. The program is aligned with the mandate and vision of district schools, pro-active and social communities, churches, rehabilitation centres, NYDA (National Youth Development Agency), South African corrections, SAPS (South African Police Services), NPOs or NGOs, private sector and other government departments, all in conjunction to help give the youth and young people the future prime ministers, CEO, presidents of South Africa etc a meaningful direction in life.

Our goals as Invest in a child is to enforce and foster good inter-relation skills, pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills and reassert hope for the future of our country.

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  • Mentorship

    We offer mentorship to all young people

  • Life coaching

    We offer Life coaching to all young people

  • Skills development

    We offer skill developmet programs

  • Investment options

    We offer investment options to young people and their parents

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  • 760 Breedt street
    Doornpoort 3
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